Our Mission:

Create a Pipeline.

“We Code, Too” is an initiative  to create a pipeline of Black and Brown young people to get into the technology industry via coding and programming!

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Our Mission

GOAL: Our mission is to create a pipeline of young Black and Latinx coders, programmers, and technologists for the greater Charlottesville technology scene.  
VISION: Our vision is to create a city that has a diverse technology economy where Black and Latinx people are contributing as coders, programmers, technologists, investors, and leaders in the industry. 



Our Programs

We Code, Too  has two different components that focus on creating a pipeline of African American and Latinx technologists. The first is a two week coding academy for Black and Brown young men and women between the grades of 5-12 from throughout the Greater Charlottesville Region to address this problem. While we currently see some computer camps in the area, the majority of them severely lack diversity in both ethnicity and philosophy. We hope to change that.  To ensure that our students are continuously practicing their craft, we have a "Phase Two" which is a year long effort to sharpen skills. 

The 2nd Saturday of every other month, the technologists will reconvene to review, revise, and continue to work on our craft. Programming and coding isn’t something that you learn in two weeks. It requires a commitment. The goal is to allow them to practice, and the scheduled bi-monthly Saturday Academies will allow for the instructors to monitor their progress.

The goal is for June 2019 to have a 2nd cohort that can be led by the first. We want to begin the process of building a pipeline of African American and Latino Coders. We are in this for the long haul.


Academy goals

To provide African American and Latinix students with an interest in computer science an opportunity to learn what their future career might hold and inspire them to complete their work towards a technical degree.

 To help students develop their technical skills, build confidence in their abilities and better prepare them for studying computer science and learning programming or closely related fields.

To help participants begin building important personal networks and friendships with a diverse group of students who share their passion for technology and computer science.


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Academy Structure

Two week, eight day camp for 12-15 participants (Young Men and Women of Color Grades 6-12) facilitated by tech and industry professionals covering:

o   Web Development/Design and Computer Coding via HTML

o   Java Script/CSS

o   Life skills and Perseverance

·  The program provides lunch for students, a structural team competition and a field trip to local computer/software based facilities. Parents are also invited to attend a parent/student information session during the program.


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february 2016

One issue is that black and Hispanic computer science and engineering graduates are less likely than white and Asian ones to go into tech jobs. Forty percent of young Asian graduates do so, compared with 16 percent of black graduates and 12 percent of Hispanics.

New York Times, 2016 / Read Full Article



Get Involved

We are always looking for volunteers who are willing to help teach our technologists how to code, program, develop work ethic, or simply serve as a mentor. You don't have to be fluent in technology to lend a hand. You don't have to be a minority to participate. We simply need people who are willing to help us bridge the gap and #DiversifyTech


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